Activity Coaching & Accountability

Create a Culture of Accountability to Increase Productivity & Retention!

For the past twenty years, the financial industry has been looking for “the magic bullet” to increase employee productivity and retention. With effective employee retention strategies and team leadership development programs, the organizations goals can be achieved.

Now there’s a solution! Firm Foundations: Activity Coaching & Accountability is a two-day, interactive program designed to equip anyone who manages financial advisors with the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully coach to high activity management.

Firm Foundations Group

By attending this event, your leadership team will receive the following:

  • Keys to creating a high trust culture
  • Case studies and insights on activity analysis
  • The Four Cornerstones of Accountability Conversations
  • Language to overcome the most common excuses in activity management
  • Access to The Expectations Matrix & the C.H.A.M.P. System to drive behavior change
  • Opportunity to role play activity coaching scenarios and receive feedback
  • An action plan to execute in your organization to increase activity & productivity

Firm Foundations Activity Coaching & Accountability Modules

These our are current module offerings.

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    What is Coaching and Who Should Do It?

    Discusses the various roles a coach plays and how a balance of support and challenge can maximize the coaching experience. Illustrates the importance of building a trusted relationship with advisors in order to lead them through the success cycle. Includes an exercise to determine who should conduct activity coaching, advisors or non-advisors.
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    Building a High-Trust Culture

    Discusses character and competence as the foundation upon which trust is built and outlines the top 10 most effective ways to build trust with others. Includes a discussion on the importance of minimum expectations and how to position them while coaching to high expectations. Without trust it is virtually impossible to coach advisors to breakout performance.
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    Activity Analysis

    Discusses the importance of accurately recording sales cycle activities and using that information to pinpoint specific ways to help individual advisors rather than rely on generalizations such as “just see more people.” Illustrates ways to help make the business more predictable for new advisors by understanding the three levels of activity metrics and how art and science work together for high performance.
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    The Cornerstones of an Accountability Conversation

    Discusses the 4 components of a powerful accountability conversation and how to use them in coaching meetings to get to core issues faster. Illustrates how to use activity, goals, values and the need for personal growth to help advisors achieve greater and more lasting results. Includes role play demonstrations and examples of how to incorporate the four cornerstones.
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    Red-Letter Coaching Language

    Discusses the top excuses advisors have for sub-par performance and gives powerful, tactical and philosophical responses to overcome them. Illustrates the power of asking good questions in order to help advisors develop the habit of thinking for themselves rather than simply giving them ideas and suggestions. Includes an exercise on turning common coaching statements into questions.
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    What’s REALLY Important to Advisors?

    Discusses a method to quickly uncover the deeply held values behind an advisor’s stated goals. Helps coaches and mentors discover the “why” behind these goals in a matter of minutes in order to more effectively coach at a much deeper level for lasting results.
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    Activity Coaching Role Play

    Gives participants a powerful opportunity to experience both the role of an activity coach and an advisor being coached. In small groups each participant plays the role of a coach, an advisor, and an observer in order to practice new skills including giving and receiving feedback.
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    Philosophical Framework for Coaching

    An experienced activity coach discusses 10 practical ideas to establish the basis for building trust, increasing advisor activity, and driving higher expectations and results regardless of office size or current situation. Having a unified philosophy among office leaders makes the difference between whether advisors truly buy in to office culture or just hear it as background noise.
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    5 Beliefs You Need to Succeed

    Discusses the importance of clarifying your deeply held beliefs as leaders in five key areas in order to consistently coach advisors to better results. Beliefs are the bedrock for everything else and being crystal clear on what you believe will make a powerful difference in how others perceive and follow you. Includes a powerful exercise to help clarify these beliefs.

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