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The HPN University is the #1 online content library in financial services and serves as a turnkey approach to training and coaching for field leaders!

What people are saying about HPN University

"The great leap forward when it comes to the efficient management of an accountability system for the retention and success of new advisors."

Phil Richards, GAMA International Hall of Fame

"We have used HPN since LAMP 2011 and have increased our life premium by 40% at our financial centre."

Shawn Bellefeuille, CFP, CHS

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Why do over 50,000 financial professionals belong to the HPN University?

Here are just a few reasons:

 Over 300 Courses

Access to online video courses of top producers sharing language, ideas, leadership and management courses and best practices.

 Prescribable Content

Through "directed learning", managers have the ability to prescribe courses to advisors.

 On-the-Go Learning

Platform’s mobile design allows members to access anywhere, anytime for on-the-go learning.

 Greater Accountability

Managers have access to reporting functionality to increase accountability around learning.

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