Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations is a live workshop designed to equip financial services leaders with proven systems in agency management.

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Firm Foundations

Leadership Development Program

Firm Foundations Group

Firm Foundations is a live leadership development program designed to teach financial services leadership teams proven systems in agency management.

Industry icon Harry Hoopis and his team share their philosophies, systems and best practices developed from over 40 years of industry-leading experience.

The Firm Foundations programs provide systems and best practices for Recruiting & Selection, Training & Development, Coaching & Accountability and Leadership Development.

This transformative experience aligns leadership teams and provides them with a turnkey approach to agency building to take their corporate organization to the next level.

Firm Foundations Programs Offerings

The Hoopis Performance Network offers three Firm Foundations programs designed to address specific agency building functions.

Corporate Leadership Development Programs

 Systems for Success

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Leadership Development Training

 Talent Acquisition

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Leadership Development Training Programs

 Coaching & Accountability

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Contact us for a complimentary consultation to determine which program is most appropriate based on your organization’s needs.

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 Testimonials - What Others Are Saying

"This is the best leadership program I’ve attended in my 25 years in the business."

"This program should be required for all Managing Partners."

"This was a high-touch experience! Hoopis and his team provide the playbook for getting advisors to the 5th year."

"Brings the vision of a great agency into reality. Agency management at the Master’s Degree level, anyone desiring to build a mega agency needs to attend."

"Firm Foundations is a step-by-step process on how to implement a successful management career in the financial services industry."

"One of the most worthwhile leadership programs I have ever attended! A close and personal look at one of the finest firms in our industry including Hoopis’ secrets of success."

Firm Foundations Attendees Receive the Following Benefits:

Firm Foundations Group
  1. Philosophies, beliefs and guiding principles

  2. A turnkey, systems approach to agency building

  3. Increased recruiting and selection results

  4. Get new recruits off to a fast start

  5. Grow experienced advisor productivity

  6. Create a culture of accountability

  7. Leadership team alignment

  8. Strategic and tactical Performance Plan

Upcoming Firm Foundations Events

Talent Acquisition:
Recruiting in the 21st Century

Wed Sep 25th - Thu 26th (2019)
HPN Headquarters, Northfield, IL

Talent Acquisition, is designed for managers, recruiters and those with the responsibility for recruiting and selection in their organization specifically in the financial services industry. In partnership with Hoopis Performance Network, rəˈkroot’s Co-Founders, Kimberly Buck and Morgan Freitag, Faculty also includes Hoopis Performance Network’s CEO Harry Hoopis and President Joey Davenport.

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