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Is Your Organization Challenged In Building A Conductive Workplace That Attracts and Retains Diverse Talent?

Diversity & Inclusion

In simple terms, the phrase “Diversity & Inclusion” refers to the recognition of diversity in the workplace and the assurance that the workplace reflects the benefits of the diverse population.

At Global Diversity University, we see Diversity & Inclusion as both an enormous opportunity and a smart business case.

 Three Pillars

The core strength of Diversity & Inclusion stands on three strong pillars that every business should consider:

  • A diverse workforce
  • An inclusive and conducive workplace
  • A significantly growing marketplace

 What We Provide

Global Diversity University provides Diversity & Inclusion training through a variety of methods to meet your organizational needs:

  • Self-paced, multimedia eLearning program
  • Blended learning course for facilitator-led classroom training
  • Executive coaching and consulting for management and leadership
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Global Diversity University was developed to bridge the gap between organizations and the evolving diversity of the marketplace. At GDU, we have created programs to help attract and retain diverse talent and clients.

GDU sees diversity as both an enormous opportunity and a smart business case. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the growing diversity in the world, in terms of multicultural growth, the exploding millennial market and the significant increase in the influence and power of women consumers.

Global Diversity University is a joint venture of Global Diversity Marketing (GDM) and the Hoopis Performance Network (HPN). These two outstanding companies have combined their expertise to provide innovative and actionable training in the area of diversity. The course offerings, which can be viewed on the tabs above, will address the issues of Diversity & Inclusion, Selling to Diverse Markets and Recruiting from Diverse Markets.

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