Firm Foundations

"The successful manager builds the organization, the organization builds the business"

— Harry Hoopis, CEO Hoopis Performance Network

Overview of Firm Foundations:
Systems for Success

Firm Foundations is a leadership development program developed by the Hoopis Performance Network to help organizations implement proven systems for success. Harry Hoopis and his team share philosophies, beliefs and best techniques reflecting over 40 years of industry-leading experience. The program focuses on field-tested systems for Recruiting & Selection, Training & Development, Accountability and Leadership Development. This transformative experience aligns leadership teams and provides them with a turnkey approach to agency building to take their organization to the next level.

Firm Foundations Group


  • Provide organizations with proven systems to get to the next level.
  • Create alignment among leadership teams regarding industry best practices.
  • Inspire leadership teams to higher levels of performance in recruiting, selection, training and accountability.


  • Receive tools, insights & best practices from over 40 years of industry leading experience.
  • Identify your firm’s strengths as well as areas of opportunity through systems assessments.
  • Collaborate with your leadership team to identify priorities and follow up action items.


  • Field-tested language, tools and templates to apply immediately.
  • Ongoing resources to foster organizational change.
  • Increase productivity and retention through proven systems in agency management.

Firm Foundations Module Examples

Creating a Culture of Accountability

The foundation of an effective development system is clearly defined expectations as well as rewards / consequences. This session will reveal the various components of the Hoopis Financial Group’s Expectations Matrix as well as how it is implemented throughout the development process from a tactical standpoint. We will also focus on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly coaching & development systems to increase accountability and get producers off to a fast start in the business.

Creating a Recruiting & Referral culture

Studies show the most efficient method to bring new recruits into the business is through referrals. This session will equip participants with field-tested ideas on how to create, market, and conduct one-on-one meetings with existing advisors to generate referrals. We will also share proven, plug-and-play ideas for agency recruiting contests. A referral culture takes time to develop but this will show you how to start or uplift your current referral culture.

Philosophies & Beliefs

During this session, Harry Hoopis will share leadership insights he has learned through over 30 years of industry-leading experience. In particular, he will focus on his key beliefs around training & development as well as creating support systems for new representatives and delivering on the promise we have made.

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